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Data Services

Data Quality is the key to successful data driven marketing

Unlock the power and accuracy from your data, for a more compelling customer view and sales/marketing insight.  With so many data-touch points and demographic channels available, it can be difficult to gain critical insight about your customers, there habits and online behavioral and buying trends. Understanding and linking all of those data points will significantly improve campaign strategies, customer interaction efforts, response measurement and of course conversions.  Our customized data services where developed specifically for those purposes.

Phone & Address Verification

Phone & Address verification from TMC's Data Quality ensures the validity of your customers’ phone and address data. Use phone & address validation to verify phones & addresses at the point-of-entry or to cleanse preexisting data through batch  cleansing.

Email Validation

Add an extra layer of accuracy to your contact data by including email verification in your data management strategy. Ensure your email lists contain valid email addresses and check for domain and syntax errors before committing the contact to your database.

Data Enhancement, Match & Append, Data Profiling

Take data quality one step further beyond verification. Deepen your understanding of consumers before you engage with them with real time data enhancement. Append customer data with up to 900 attributes

Database & List Management

Do you have data, leads or customer lists just sitting on your hard drives not making you any money?  Start earning monthly revenue with TheMediaCrew list management services.  


Allow us to manage your old or new data lists and put our LM service to work for you.  Our proven list management strategies will create new monthly revenue streams for you.  Contact us now to learn more.

List & Data Sales

Purchase clean, verified, quality data & leads from our master consumer databases which house lists from 17 top verticals.  Data can be sent to you via HTTP post, email delivery, FTP or web download.


All data is 100% GUARANTEED and invalids will be replaced for free immediately.  All consumer records comes with: full name, full postal, email, phone, birthday, gender, date, time, IP and source URL.  Custom demographic filters are also available.  CONTACT US TODAY FOR A QUOTE OR COUNT.

Available Data & List Verticals

Education, Travel, Insurance ( health/auto/life), Payday, Finance, Ailments, Debt, Auto Warranty, Homeowners, Seniors, Parents, Fitness, Weight Loss, Biz-Opp, Consumers.

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