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Targeted, pre-qualified live call transfers via artificial intelligence voice & speech recogniti

Voice & Speech Recognition artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine or program to identify words or phrases in spoken languages and natural speech and convert them into a machine-readable format. In the call center, voice & speech recognition software is used to handle incoming customer calls and generate pre-qualified targeted live call transfers. Some advanced interactive response systems use speech & voice recognition to allow customers to interact with the system by speaking instead of pushing buttons or having a call center agent enter key strokes. It’s similar to Siri or Alexa.

This caller interaction enhancement has significantly increased the quality of the caller. It filters out unqualified callers, removes the human error factor of old keyboard stroke input commands via remote agents as well as shown to increase average call times by 64%. Simply put using Voice & speech Recognition artificial intelligence become a valuable resource for lead generation, call verification, customer support and sales.

Speech & Voice recognition systems can help company’s lower costs and automate the handling of 40-85 percent of incoming or outgoing customer calls. Some companies credit speech & voice recognition for improving service quality, increasing the quality of targeted call transfers, lead quality & drastically limiting the amount of unqualified callers.

One key benefit is since the automated system can be available even when call center agents are not. More and more outbound call centers have begun using voice & speech recognition systems to improve their effectiveness, especially collections and sales and lead organizations.

In addition, Voice & Speech recognition tools have been found to increase the effectiveness of IVR-based surveys, lead generation, live call transfers and customer support. Many customers find it to be a more comfortable and trust worthy interface than other automated call programs.

If you’re interested in learning how Voice & Speech artificial intelligence can generate targeted, qualified call transfers for solar, pain, back brace, debt, home security, auto insurance, credit cards, health care or medical alert for only $12 per transfer. Please contact skype ID: umgbiz or email

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