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7 Reasons Why Business Owners Should Consider Hiring a Marketing Consultant

Let's face it. A good percentage of business owners have a basic understanding of how marketing works. It's enough knowledge to get some marketing efforts started. There's also a very large percentage of business owners who are expert marketers. The greatest part about hiring a professional marketing consultant is the consultant can work with all marketing skill leveled business owners.


1. Can Help Business Owners Understand Their Business Better​​.

What was the ROI on your last advertising campaign? What’s the LTV (Lifetime value) of a client? How about the cost to obtain a new client or your conversion rate by marketing activity? While these may seem like marketing consultant mumbo jumbo, they are important metrics that can help you actually grow your business more efficiently. These are just a few of the things a marketing consultant can help you understand about your business – as well as how to use them to grow.

Hire A Digital Marketing Consultant

2. Can Help Business Owners Understand their Customers and Market Better.​​

How much market research did you do before you started your business? And how much have you done since? (​Be honest now…) If you’re like many business owners we work with at TheMediaCrew, not a lot. And you’re probably thinking this is just more marketing consultant gibberish. If that’s the case, ask yourself: where does my target market go to get information? Why do they choose me over my competition? What does my competition do well – and not so well? – And no guessing! Unless you’ve actually asked your target market these questions, it doesn’t count! A good marketing consultant can help you understand your customers and your market better to help you make more informed decisions about your marketing.

3. Can Offer A Second Opinion:​​

When owners are working on your business as long as you have, sometimes you’ve lost objectivity. That’s a fact. You get so ingrained, working ​in ​ your business that you become clouded by your own beliefs and judgements – and that can stunt your growth! A marketing consultant will bring much needed outside perspective and objectivity, breathing new life into your business.

4. A Good Consultant will Push The Envelope . ​​

Increase sales. Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant

That’s right, I bet you’ve gotten pretty comfy there in your business doing the same ads, the same networking groups and the same Facebook posts month after month year after year. *Yawn* You need to shake things up every once in a while. No one ever made it big by playing it safe. Hiring a marketing consultant will most likely force you out of your comfort zone a little – and that’s a good thing! That’s where the magic happens!

5. A Professional Consultant Will Help Business Owners Focus on the Profitable/Right/Effective Marketing Activities. ​​

We all do this – we lean toward what feels good and away from what makes us uncomfortable​. ​​But in business, that may not necessarily be what’s best for profitability and growth. A good marketing consultant can steer you toward the marketing tactics that are right for your business, not the ones that are easiest.

6. Help Business Owners Stop Wasting Money on Bad Marketing.

Yep, you’ve gotten comfortable and stopped paying attention. All those things you’re doing that aren’t bringing in the business you want have to go. And sometimes business owners just need a marketing consultant to tell them so.

7. Companies Who Hire & Work with Experts Are More Successful.

That’s a fact. No one rises to the top alone. Successful business owners surround themselves with experts in areas they are weak in. Successful entrepreneurs delegate. Successful people realize they should NOT be the smartest person in the room all the time. Hire a smart marketing consultant who can help shake things up for you and make you think!

Obviously not all businesses need a professional marketing consultant but when a business owner decides to invest in a professional marketing consultant. The investment typically yields a fast and timely positive ROI. If you have any questions about marketing or digital marketing consulting services please contact me @ or skypeID: umgbiz

Thanks for reading.

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