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10 Ultimate Elements for Landing Page Design Success

10 ultimate elements for landing page design

Designing a landing page is a process which could leave many scratching their head and potentially throwing something valuable against the wall.

As time passes in our loving industry. The landing page has grown to contain many vital elements to ensure success. The idea being to attract potentials and show them what they want. Many would agree, there is an actual science and methodology behind the entire development and design of this mysterious creation known as the "Landing Page."

The goal of this post is to break down this process to its most simplified form while highlighting the top 10 ultimate elements for landing page success. And Readers you're all in luck because my intellectual capacity peeks out when "simple and easy" come to mind.

Every Landing Pages is very different. The people reading them are the ones who make that statement true. Each person reads, flows and interpreted a landing page as he or she sees fit. Who are we to tell someone how to read or interpret an LP? Case in point....

Let's say we have 5 different LPs. ( A,B,C,D,E) Each with it own DESIGN/LAYOUT/agenda/product/service. Obviously, what works for LP B will probably not work for the other 4 LPs and vice versa all the way around. CAPICHE!?!?!

However, lucky for us LP lovers. We've learned many common elements apply no matter what type of landing page is being used.....

And now to the 10 ....fireworks...clapping...cheers of happiness ..and maybe 1 or 2 hecklers in the back ..

1. Create a HEADLINE which GRABS and TELLS. Grabs attentions and tells what it is. Split testing headlines is a great way to see which works best.

2. MINI HEAD aka Sub Headline .. and this needs to be able to sell a ketchup Popsicle to a women in a red dress my friends! Your HEADLINE has captured them. The Sub Headline has literally SECONDS to keep their attention on the page. Because an entire world is just one "back" click away. Give them a reason to continue.

3. Images aka BRAIN FOOD. We likely picture. We likely colors. Use images to capture focus and attention. The brain loves to look at pictures. Use them!

4. "Da Pitch"aka explanation, details.. the 411. Be a blunt and to the point. Clarity. Easy to read and understand. This is a preview of the benefits. DO NOT OVER DO IT ON THE CONTENT. To much content OH SO BORING. Now some like to sync the HEADLINE with the EXPLANATION. In my opinion its optional.

5. BENEFITS .. BENEFITS ... BENEFITS .... " why should I buy? Oh yes the BENEFITS are amazing. BENEFITS MAKE POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS LIKE WHAT YOU'RE SELLING. BENEFITS = ATTRACTION = TRUST = $. Very important to customize your benefits to your customer profile or predetermined audience. Personalizing the benefit content will help conversions.

6. Layout aka Circulation of the page or the commonly used term " The Page Flow" There are many varying opinions about LP's flow. The best way to determine which flow setup works best is to test. With that said, this is our standard arrangement: EXPLANATION / BENEFITS / CUSTOMER REVIEWS / CALL TO ACTION (CTA) **** we have use the CTA in all 3 positions. Even multiple times. This landing page element is purely based on opinion and past statistical facts.

7. Present the Problem: EXPLAIN THE PROBLEM YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE IS GOING TO EVENTUALLY SOLVE. It's that simple. This is a good opportunity to include a possible case study and lay out the complete problem/solution scenario Its about LOSE too. Prospect will be losing out because the problem will still be there.. Lay it on thick.

8. HIGHLIGHT the Solution. Not only the physical solution but also the emotional. Client will go from upset ( because of the problem-lose) to enlightened, joyful, satisfied etc...

9. MANY Positive Customer Reviews. REVIEWS = TRUST = SALES. We must build trust with our prospects. REAL positive reviews are a great way to accomplish this. Use Big Happy FACES, REAL Reviews ( pic, full name, location, problem-solution details). Present true, trusting customer reviews. NO BS reviews

10. LAST BUT NOT LEAST. THE BIG 3 as one crucial element.:

A. GUARANTEE: WHY? BECAUSE WE ALL LOVE GUARANTEES. Its a no brainier. You can determine what the guarantee actually means, but have some form of guarantee. We are always building trust with our prospects. A guarantee adds to the build.

B. EASY TO FIND CONTACT INFORMATION. Another no-brainier. Have MULTIPLE ways to communicate available O THE LP. If you don't, it;s an immediate RED FLAG. "Why don't they have any contact info? They must not be good to work with or don't care about their customers.

C. CALL TO ACTION: Saved the best for last. I suggest researching CTA's and best way to create them. Just because there's so much information available. The CTA is VIDAL. Make it big, loud and colorful.. Use color mixtures, but use colors.

I hope this guide helps. If you'd like to learn more, have questions or need help with a project please feel free to contact me. Happy LP building.


Thanks for reading.

N. Benjamin F.

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