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7 Proven Integrations To Include In Your Lead Generation Forms to Increase Conversions

Your lead generation form is a crucial step in the process of creating prospects for your business. Whether it converts visitors to subscribers or puts prospects in touch with your business, there are key ingredients any form should have to optimize its success rate.

Do all of your lead conversion forms contain these seven elements?

1. Social logins: Social logins can make it fast and easy for visitors to sign up for content access with essentially one click.

2. Testimonials: In addition to compelling copy, Business 2 Community explains that marketers can boost their credibility through testimonials because they introduce you and your business as an expert resource. They function as compliments to the copy on your landing page, which entices visitors to provide their contact details for further interaction.

3. One form per session: Search Engine Land reports that, while many marketing automation tools enable forms to collect a multitude of information through progressive profiling, you may want to limit yourself to one form. Even if a visitors view multiple pieces of content on the site, you could still require just one form fill per session or visit.

4. Call to action: This may seem obvious, but it’s important to clearly state what you want visitors to do, whether it’s to fill out a form for more information or to insert their email to be included in an e-newsletter. The call to action should be prominently placed so that it is clear what steps prospects are supposed to take.

5. Simplicity: A form may include no more than a space for the name, e-mail address and phone contact, alongside a brief call to action for visitors to sign up for product information. Just don’t make the form any longer than necessary. Forms should be designed so they can be filled out in 15 seconds or less, Business 2 Community says.

6. Progressive profiling or bypass forms: If a visitor has been to your site before and previously filled out a form, don’t make that person fill it out again. You can always ask for new information via progressive profiling.

7. Search engine optimization: Incorporate SEO and keywords to direct prospects to the lead form landing page. Even small design details like the colors and font of your form will play a role in funneling prospects to your business.

I hope these integrations help you as much as they do our clients. Happy Lead Generating.

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