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A lot of youtube CHANNEL OWNERS make the mistake of trying to be a jack of all trades. They try to showcase multiple subjects that are sometimes irrelevant to what their page is all about. It's vital to not be all over the place, it gets content messy, focus on a theme and play to your strengths. People like to rely on a page to get specific information and if you’re content is all over the place, it will turn subscribers and would be subscribers off.

1. Keywords!

EXPOSE YOUR KEYWORDS! Get those keywords out there people! In the title, and descriptions. Doing so provides the algorithm help to attract users to your video.

2. Customize Thumbnails!

Make something that will catch someone’s eye, usually big colorful bright words stick out and scream HEY CLICK ME! THIS VIDEO IS AWESOME! DO IT! Use a highlight spot of your video as a thumbnail, if you have some editing experience then you have an advantage to make it look awesome. Get credit folks because this is the face for your video. Also using custom thumbnails will help avoid random video covers like this….yipes.

3. Content Worth Viewing

All the key wording and thumbnail baiting in the world will not matter if what you are putting up is crap. Providing Value content that is worth viewing and has the viewer leaving feeling like they really got something out of it is the end game. Because then they will more likely hit that like and sub button.

4. Social Media Sharing

You probably have a profile for every social media out there right. Put them to use. You sharing your masterpiece can be done with a few easy clicks of the mouse so no excuse to not share. Networking equals more views, subscriptions and likes.

End screen call to action helps viewers check out your other content and lures them to your page which will most likely make them subscribe. Giving them a good twenty seconds before the end of video should be enough time to grab their attention.

Some of these tips will work but remember, it also takes some time to see some increased traffic for your video content. Be patient, keep those videos coming out while practicing some of these methods i mentioned and sooner rather than later you will see a huge difference in your subs, views, and likes.

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